Proportion Play.

I'm excited about this cardigan because it gives me some variety when it comes to pairing different cuts. The blazer is great because it adds structure, while the drape of the cardigan softens it. This cardigan will be a repeat offender.




wearing: thrifted blazer, f21 draped cardigan, aa lace bodysuit, gap jeans.



Not only is this thrifted camel sweater maxi dress the perfect garment for this season, it also keeps my entire body oh-so-warm. I need all the help I can get to battle the frigid temperatures!





wearing: AA circle scarf, thrifted everything else.



The power shoulders of the jacket combined with the long skirt gave this outfit a very vampyric feel for me. Like I should have been sleeping in a coffin, or sauntering in the corner looking for necks to bite. Maybe this is just a subconscious refusal to accept that Halloween was a month ago. Oh well, I am into it.




wearing: pretty much thrifted/vintage everything.