Bobby D.

This past Tuesday I got the chance to see Bob Dylan! It was a great show, and although I am not a huge Bob Dylan fan I still could recognize a few songs. For being an old man he still puts on a great show, but was even harder to understand than usual haha.

I probably waited until it was a little too dark to take these photos, but I still want to share them with you guys!




wearing: vintage swing coat, thrifted moschino sheer blouse, grandma's scarf, AA riding pants, & super old f21 oxfords.


Monday Thoughts;

A small clearing in the woods gives way,
An aged well, tall and proud it’s rocks decay.
An ocean’s worth of tales it shares,
Lost lovers wishes, many a truth’s burden bared.

Near the surface the structures age well shows,
Gone are times of gathering and dipping of toes.
Now only bitter wind blows through the cracks,
A phantom chatter of laughter reveals only black.

The rocks seem to whisper of time long dead,
A tunnel’s worth of secrets with no room to spread.
Listen closely and you will hear,
Raw emotion, weathered by love, loss, and fear.

Poor lonely well in the woods,
One hundred lifetimes worth of wisdom to share if it only could!
Forever alone, an idol lost in the past,
Time is its misfortune, and forever it will last.


Dressin' Up.

This fall I have really been into dresses. By really I mean really really. They are practically all I have been buying! I feel that now that I am 20 years old it is time to start dressing like a lady, and nothing makes me feel more ladylike than a dress and heels. Sweater dresses are the best right now because as the temperature drops, you can just throw on thick tights and a long dress and your body becomes a sock. It's great!




wearing: vintage pearls, thrifted dress, belt, & shoes, AA thigh high socks


Frida, Frida, Frida.

Most of the time I feel rather ambivalent over “model-style”, finding it all to be slightly redundant and not pertinent to my personal style. This was all until I met Frida…

Okay, so I haven’t “met” Frida so to speak, but I have admired her from afar for quite some time! If I was to meet her this is what I would say;

Dearest Frida,

Your ensembles make me wanna be ya.

The always stunning mix of classic and trendy,

So much inspiration, my mind is a little bendy.

I believe we are style twins separated at birth,

One more fashion week’s worth of outfits will put me in a hearse.

Your wannabe friend and slightly creepy admirer,





Frida Gustavsson



{images: google, random streetstyle blogs}


Sweater Love.

The weather has finally cooled in Michigan and I'm celebrating with sweaters. I don't know how it happened, but this fall I've got the sweater fever! The amount of sweaters I have acquired from thrift stores in the past month is a little ridiculous, so expect to see many more on here as the temperature continues to drop.







wearing: vintage cropped sweater & maxi skirt, miu miu lace up boots.


The Sun Was High (So Was I).

Enjoying the late September sun before it leaves Michigan for the majority of the time. Maybe that's why I think winter sucks in Michigan, there's never any sunshine!



Also, I have officially decided I am finally a "hat person". It only took one man in a suit playing a saxophone to tell me he liked my hat, and the rest is history...



Wearing: UO hat, thrifted blouse, old guess jeans.