So over holiday break I switched from a pc to a mac (finally!), I apologize while I try to figure out how to use photoshop to edit pictures. It helps that I am taking a class on it this semester. Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I have created a TUMBLR.

I decided to kind of go a different path with the blog, keeping this mostly fashion photography and long essays. My Tumblr, I decided is going to be more of like a daily diary, with personal writing blurbs and anything inspirational. Also, with some personal pictures mixed in as well.

Everything will be back to running normally soon, I can't wait to show you guys the thrifted treasures I acquired in Florida :)


Proportion Play.

I'm excited about this cardigan because it gives me some variety when it comes to pairing different cuts. The blazer is great because it adds structure, while the drape of the cardigan softens it. This cardigan will be a repeat offender.




wearing: thrifted blazer, f21 draped cardigan, aa lace bodysuit, gap jeans.



Not only is this thrifted camel sweater maxi dress the perfect garment for this season, it also keeps my entire body oh-so-warm. I need all the help I can get to battle the frigid temperatures!





wearing: AA circle scarf, thrifted everything else.



The power shoulders of the jacket combined with the long skirt gave this outfit a very vampyric feel for me. Like I should have been sleeping in a coffin, or sauntering in the corner looking for necks to bite. Maybe this is just a subconscious refusal to accept that Halloween was a month ago. Oh well, I am into it.




wearing: pretty much thrifted/vintage everything.


Modern Vintage.

A look that I will always truly appreciate is a well-executed modern vintage outfit. A person that can create an aesthetic that is both antiqued and fresh will always catch my eye. Many times it goes beyond the outfit, leaving it up to the accessories to distinguish the contrast between vintage and modern. Over the past 3 or so years I have been following streetstyle blogs I have acquired some pretty fine internet specimens that exude vintage style in present day, a fine line I am always balancing on. I will try to use images that are a bit older as well, I know I get sick of seeing the same stuff online all the time.

Anyway, on to the picture! I would probably wear this outfit everyday if only I had the occasion. Currently scouring the internet for a faux fur collar that I can wear in all sorts of fun ways.


{image: sartorialist, i think?}



It finally is starting to feel like winter in Michigan. Stepping outside chills you to the bone and makes getting out of bed a difficult task. My current coping strategy is just like anyone else's in the infomercial world, snuggies. Not quite the real thing, but thrifted interpretations, usually involving huge cozy cardigans or sweater dresses. This is a prime example of snuggi-wear affecting street wear, I wonder when they will show up on the runways? (mostly kidding).




wearing: thrifted cardigan, AA dress & bamboo tights



Sometimes my flickr gets bombarded with images I want to use on this blog and some end up getting lost in the photostream. These were just two quick shots taken on my birthday in October. Unfortunately this skirt shrunk all to hell when I washed it (dry-clean only fail), so maybe it will make another appearance sometime in it's new state!



wearing: aa top, thrifted skirt.


Gustav-Adolf Mossa

Creating most of his paintings nearing the end of the Symbolist Movement (1905-1914), Gustav-Adolph Mossa used women of classical myth such as harpies, sirens, and even Pandora as subjects for quite a few of his paintings. These paintings display a very over-the top and illustrious view of the Victorian Era, while simultaneously evoking an air of subversion.

It is interesting to me why women are portrayed so perversely in general by many male artists. While man is inherently always portrayed as flawed, women seem to hold a special level of nefariousness. Maybe the painter was rejected by women his whole life or slowly dying of a broken heart? This leads me to the conclusion that women must drive men to an unimaginable level of self torture. Or maybe we are just prettier to paint? Personally I blame it on Eve. Yep, it’s all her fault.

Gustav-adolf mossa

Gustav-adolf mossa, les parques



Gustav-adolf mossa EvaPandora



{images: google}


Bobby D.

This past Tuesday I got the chance to see Bob Dylan! It was a great show, and although I am not a huge Bob Dylan fan I still could recognize a few songs. For being an old man he still puts on a great show, but was even harder to understand than usual haha.

I probably waited until it was a little too dark to take these photos, but I still want to share them with you guys!




wearing: vintage swing coat, thrifted moschino sheer blouse, grandma's scarf, AA riding pants, & super old f21 oxfords.


Monday Thoughts;

A small clearing in the woods gives way,
An aged well, tall and proud it’s rocks decay.
An ocean’s worth of tales it shares,
Lost lovers wishes, many a truth’s burden bared.

Near the surface the structures age well shows,
Gone are times of gathering and dipping of toes.
Now only bitter wind blows through the cracks,
A phantom chatter of laughter reveals only black.

The rocks seem to whisper of time long dead,
A tunnel’s worth of secrets with no room to spread.
Listen closely and you will hear,
Raw emotion, weathered by love, loss, and fear.

Poor lonely well in the woods,
One hundred lifetimes worth of wisdom to share if it only could!
Forever alone, an idol lost in the past,
Time is its misfortune, and forever it will last.